OAHI-RHI Mentorship Cafe

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For the fourth consecutive year, the OAHI-RHI Mentorship Café will return to this year’s OAHI Education Conference in Burlington. We are thrilled to have a group of highly respected and experienced inspectors who have volunteered their time to act as mentors at this year’s conference.

“True professionals foster the exchange of knowledge and experience freely without concern of competition,” says Jeff Clarke, RHI, a mentor and past president of the OAHI.

The Mentorship Café made its debut at the 2017 OAHI Education Conference and its objective was to provide an place where inspectors with varying levels of expertise and experience could come together in a relaxed environment to discuss any home inspection issues and concerns with seasoned inspectors and past presidents.

This objective continues to be the premise in which the OAHI-RHI Mentorship Café operates today. 

Clarke adds there are several reasons to visit the OAHI-RHI Mentorship Café.

“We all have our own personal construction technology experiences. Everyone  person at The Conference has something to add to the ongoing discussion on how to improve our profession. Come and debate/discuss the following:

•Are there any other services, other than real estate transactional inspections, that you can offer to the public as an independent consultant?

•Do you feel you need to exceed the OAHI SOP to provide your client with the service they need?

•Do you exceed the SOP to protect your professional liability?

•As an aspiring practitioner, what other forms of training do you require that the OAHI is not currently delivering to you?

Remember, someone who is comfortable with their professional standing has no difficulty saying, "I don't know".

We recommend that you arrive prepared with questions in order to maximize your time and benefit from the mentors.  Some inspectors in past years have brought in photos of defects they found on site and discussed then with the mentors. The bottom line here is to not be shy; there really are no silly questions in the Café and the mentors genuinely want to assist you with your questions.

“So drop by. Let's all benefit from our collective experiences.”


The OAHI-RHI Mentorship Café will have espresso and biscotti station. What a wonderful way to discuss home inspection issues and relax with small treat as you have a one on one conversation with our mentors.


We look forward to seeing you there!

Feb. 28, 29 and March 1, 2020



Tom Rando trando@cvhi.ca

Exhibitors' Hall


The Mentorship Café, set up in the Exhibitors’ Hall throughout the weekend is your opportunity to connect with experienced home inspectors one-on-one.

“Fifty years of experience at the table at any time. All my questions were answered, and I had many (about tools, courses, business advice, information sources, etc.),"

says Hans de Wilde a 2017 conference delegate.

Three tables will be set up in the exhibitors’ hall. When you see a mentor there, just say hello. Some delegates even arrive with a list of questions, which is very helpful.

Take your inspection photos: There will be prizes.